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100% DWG compatible and AutoCAD command compatible CAD, is another affordable choice for AutoCAD users
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Kenny Kelland
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4 January 2009

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Axcad is a 100% DWG compatible and AutoCAD command compatible CAD, is another affordable choice for AutoCAD users. Using DWG as native file format, supports AutoCAD 2009 DWG format (from R2.6~2009), supports LISP, ADS development.

Pros: AXCAD supports DWG as the native file format and is thus 100% compatible. The product is derived from what used to be IntelliCAD. There`s thus a large body of third party software support available. This package is also largely AutoCAD command set compatible. Thus it can be a very cost-effective alternative to the AutoCAD and yet be totally compatible with the industry standard DWG drawing format. Create, modify or edit the DWG files without any concern about compatibility at all. This compatibility extends right from AutoCAD R2.6 Thus if your people are already familiar with AutoCAD operations they are going to take hardly any time in getting up to speed on AXCAD. AutoLISP also is supported fully for any programming work that needs to be done. For development work the AutoCAD ADS also is supported.

The navigation within the program through the interface is very easy and powerful so that that are immediate productivity gains. Parametric design is supported where a family of parts can be designed by just designing one member of the family. All the rest can be derived by changing dimensions.

Cons: Nothing really!

Overall: This is a 5 star product without a doubt. Support of industry standard DWG files and compatibility with AutoCAD command set are very useful and provides a much less costly alternative to the AutoCAD.

Publisher's description

AXCAD is a 100% DWG compatible and AutoCAD command compatible, is another affordable choice for CAD users. 100% DWG compatible, using DWG as native file format. You won't lose any dwg files to use this affordable CAD. Supports AutoCAD 2009 dwg format (from r2.6~2009) High degree of AutoCAD command set compatible. You won't spend much time on learning AXCAD. Supports LISP and ADS development. Functionally with EXPORT DWG to PDF. AXCAD can speed up and save your drafting time. Launch AXCAD with 5 secondes, when launcing AutoCAD with 45 seconds.
Version 6.32
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Malcolm Linda
Recommended by my friend, it running very good on my vis Tried this afternoon, I will consider order one copy
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